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Cooperation Partners

SKS Steuerberatung works in close cooperation with the prestigious and internationally active law firm of Derra, Meyer & Partner, who also have offices in Dresden and Berlin. In Berlin, SKS Steuerberatung and the solicitors Derra, Meyer & Partner have their offices in the same building and this allows for optimal work processes and information flow between the law firms.

The law firm Derra, Meyer & Partner currently includes seven offices in Germany and four international offices with a total team of now 44 solicitors. They represent and provide legal counsel mainly for businesses and companies of all sizes, covering almost all judicial fields. The close cooperation provides SKS clients seeking advice from SKS Steuerberatung not only with tax consultancy services but also with legal counsel related to national and international fiscal and legal issues.

Especially when it comes to International Tax Law – not least in the area of German-Russian tax and juridical relations – with the multilingual solicitors of its cooperation partner Derra, Meyer & Partners, SKS Steuerberatung can guarantee comprehensive legal care for SKS clients that goes far beyond traditional tax advice.


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Since its founding ANNOVATIS GmbH is our partner in such fields as insurance, pension provision, hedging and investments. Intelligent division of work results in specialization and thus further development - this knowledge is a driving force of progress. In addition to tax consulting, we would like to offer our clients a wide range of other consulting services. Rico Jopp, who is general manager and specialist in real estate, works together with three other consultants specialized in investment, financing and private insurance. By this, we can provide clients of SKS with an extensive experience and in-depth knowledge in each area.

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