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It was in the merry month of May when we started our hiking day. It should be pretty wet this time. But not because of the weather - we had bright sunshine all day long. No, the water was rather below us ...

In the early morning the Dresdners started at the main station and in the later morning the Berliners, including the DMP lawyers, likewise at the main station. Then all arrived, after one or the other changes, almost at the same time in Lübbenau. The welcome was a short, as a foot march to the large harbour was due, which was already worth a hike on this hot day. Once there, we initially received from our guide an introduction to the canoeing. The fun factor was already very high, as we climbed into the canoes and paddled happily on the Spree. It soon turned out who was the leader of the three- and four-seat boats, who gave the direction and who indulged more in relaxation.

After an emotional 25 kilometer paddle tour we arrived at a cozy restaurant, which had already prepared the buffet for us. The thirsty throats were wet, the hungry stomachs were filled. Afternoon fatigue from a good meal, but not so good cucumber beer  (who has come up with something like that?!), we filled with a visit to the beautiful open-air museum Lehde - a village from the 19th century - including a guided tour through the beautiful little houses and pickling a " SKS-cucumber ".

Time was short - so we went straight back in the canoes to the harbour and then walked to the station. On the way back there were a lot of lively conversation, fun and ideas for the next time. A successful day with so many beautiful experiences, which we have as always held in our photos. Special attention should be paid to our team T-shirts! Enjoy watching the pictures!

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