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At the request of our people last Friday we drew our guns and hunted our way through the area!

Even the drive to Lasertech was like a "hunt" through the city, as we were a bit late after an intense short last working day of the week. So we could save time for the warm-up. Right after our arrival in Niedersedlitz we put on the "uniform" of the respective yellow or orange team, got our sweatband (so that everybody looked really cool too!) and the rifles. After a small theoretical introduction we started with full effort: we ran, hid, sneaked in, shot, revived and after 90 minutes we were all run down. The primal instincts transformed us all into fighters with the highest readiness for action - a sporting experience with a lot of fun! Afterwards we enjoyed the evening in the outdoor area and then due to pouring rain in the interior of the restaurant Schillergarten. We had really deserved the good hearty meal with one or two glasses of brewed beer.

And the legitimate question appeared: When will we do that next time?

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