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This year's Christmas party rounded off our «sporting» year very good. We started at noon directly from the desk on foot to the Christmas market at the Frauenkirche (Church of Our Lady ).

After the first mulled wines and knackers we felt strong enough to start the challenge. A lady was waiting for us with two backpacks, two GPS devices and several envelopes. After sorting the groups by lottery, we moved into the world of the "Three Kings" and had to master one or the other challenge on the way to the crib. For example, it was necessary to make and decorate a paper star without having any material for it. Furthermore, the number of stairs to the view of the tower of the Kreuzkirche was to be determined - and that are quite a few! Thanks again to the team members who dared the steep climb! Considering that we always had a mulled wine stand within reach ... The hardest task was probably to print out a photo showing the team in front of the palace Zwinger - the drugstore was no alternative without money. Both teams mastered all tasks excellently and even within the given 3 hours.

To give our legs some relaxation, we went to the restaurant Dresden Hüttenzauber on Postplatz and enjoyed our 3-course menu. A rolling stone gathers no moss! So it went on to further exercise: curling! We fought for the day's victory like professionals, accompanied by the cheers of the audience. To conclude the evening we treated ourselves with small challenges such as to get a new mulled wine or "I pack my suitcase" - however with dance moves.

A really good day, which was a lot of fun for all of us - you can see it in the pictures.

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