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This year's World Tourism Day, which the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) commemorates on September 27th every year since 1980, we used for our hiking day!

Highly motivated and with a prospect of pleasing hiking of 10 to 15 kilometers, we met in the finest weather at Neustädter station, excited to master the first section by the S-Bahn to Obervogelgesang. After arriving there we took the smallest path, which led us already after 50 meters to puffing and after another 500 meters to the first break at the view “king's nose”. After listening the history of the hammer murderer with a cup of sparkling wine, we walked on the Malerweg trail through mud and tree trunks to Naundorf and finally to Wehlen. The planned hourly hike has now been extended to over two hours, as google maps and reality sometimes do not quite match.

In Wehlen, we stopped to have some radlers (mixture of beer and sparkling lemonade) and fish buns until our colleagues from Berlin joined us. Our warm welcome almost made us miss the ferry crossing, so we went up briskly step by step to the Bastei. The conversations became monosyllabic and the muscles all the more tense. Arrived at the top, this tension erupted in serene feasting with radlers and schnapps in the first snack bar, which opened up before the Bastei. Of course, we enjoyed the view from the Bastei before we went down to Rathen to the pre-ordered eierschecke (regional cake speciality). Another 5 kilometers were successfully mastered.

In Rathen we crossed the Elbe a second time. Then our 20 people organized a hiking group: one part enjoyed the 4-kilometer walk along the Elbe back to Wehlen, another part wanted to face the challenge of 6- kilometer tour over the Rauensteine. With pleasure we fell in Wehlen all again into the arms and then in the S-Bahn to Dresden.

A wonderful day: from the weather and the food to the many fun conversations! The result after 19 kilometers: next year again!

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