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  • Tax Law at the Local Level

    Tax Law at the Local Level

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Municipal Enterprises - Special- Purpose Associations

The core administration of a regional or local public authority uses double-entry annual financial statements to document the financial situation of that administrative authority as well as the result of its administrative activities. As a central calculation instrument in double-entry accounting, the annual financial statement functions in particular as the statement of account for the double-entry budget. The double-entry annual financial statement serves the purpose of providing a picture of the actual situation with respect to the administrative body’s liabilities, financial position, results of operations and cash flows.

SKS Steuerberatung specialises in the conversion from single-entry to double-entry budgeting and accounting and in the compilation of double-entry accounting annual financial statements for regional and local public authority. We look after our SKS clients to the fullest extent when it comes to preparing statements of financial position, the calculation of assets, operating results, cash-flows and partial statements, as well as in the case of supplementary documentation such as management reports, assets overviews, receivables overviews and liabilities/accounts payable overviews. 

With the special expertise of SKS Steuerberatung, local and regional authorities are on the safe side with their annual financial statements.