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Tax Law at International Level - SKS picks up where traditional tax consultancy services leave off!

  • Tax Law at the International Level

    Tax Law at the International Level

    Quality Consultancy with a Dynamic Approach:
    Find out more about the philosophy, the principles and the advantages that form the basis of our tax law firm. Our tax consultants are experts with interdisciplinary competencies and a wide range of consulting experience..

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Conducting Opposition Proceedings, and Providing 
Legal Representation before Fiscal Courts and the Federal Fiscal Court

When there are differences between the tax assessment issued by the tax authority and the one that has been submitted or there is disagreement with respect to a company audit, you can take recourse to various kinds of appeal. From appeals against decisions to filing complaints with the fiscal court, SKS Steuerberatung will be at your side with support. We will negotiate on your behalf with officials performing tax investigations and represent you in prosecutions for tax offences and in issues with the tax authority. On behalf of our SKS clients, we conduct appeals and opposition proceedings, file complaints with the fiscal courts and the Federal Fiscal Court as well proceedings for interim legal protection in matters of urgency.

Assistance with Corporate Tax Audits

The fiscal challenges confronting company management are becoming increasingly more substantial. Knowledgeable business consulting includes perfect tax consulting so that you can be prevented from falling into one of the expensive traps set by the auditor during company audits. SKS Steuerberatung offers top level experience that has been gained from extensive activities involving audits and consultation.