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Tax Law at International Level - SKS picks up where traditional tax consultancy services leave off!

  • Tax Law at the International Level

    Tax Law at the International Level

    Quality Consultancy with a Dynamic Approach:
    Find out more about the philosophy, the principles and the advantages that form the basis of our tax law firm. Our tax consultants are experts with interdisciplinary competencies and a wide range of consulting experience..

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SKS Steuerberatung specialises in the area of business immigration. We offer tax and business management related support and assistance especially for clients from the CIS countries and from all other countries of the world and provide consulting services for companies and private individuals who wish to become active in the Federal Republic of Germany or are already engaged in business activities there. Whether it is a matter of complete relocations of the company, partial outsourcing of diverse business segments, the starting up of new businesses or the purchase of existing companies or real estate in Germany – in all areas of international tax legislation, SKS Steuerberatung provides full support for your business immigration or your business investments. The association with our cooperation partner, the law firm Derra, Meyer & Partner Rechtsanwälte, allows SKS Steuerberatung to guarantee for SKS clients extensive support in nearly all national and international areas of legislation.

The wealth of experiences encountered in looking after a large number of SKS clients has resulted in the fact that SKS Steuerberatung now has a vast pool of knowledge with respect to strategies, concepts and solutions for many types of business immigration and this expertise makes SKS Steuerberatung one of the leading legal practices in the sector. Along with English, the international language of business for all international SKS clients, SKS Steuerberatung offers a special service for the CIS countries. Based on the understanding of the culture and the native language skills in Russian and Ukrainian, SKS Steuerberatung can provide its clients from the CIS countries with individualised care that is perfectly tailored for those SKS clients.

In the field of business immigration, international tax law is merely one significant factor for the decision to undertake entrepreneurial activities on an international level. Since there is a close connection between tax-related and management-related factors, SKS Steuerberatung is steadily expanding its consulting services into other areas of specialisation. In order to deliver to the SKS clients of SKS Steuerberatung the pertinent concepts and solutions in all areas of business immigration and respectively, business investments, SKS Steuerberatung has included in its professional range of services the areas of due diligence, mergers & acquisitions und investment consulting. Along with the advantages they can gain for their business immigration, our SKS clients also profit from the special competence offered in the real estate sector.